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Form W-2 FAQs

Answers to common questions
  • What is an IRS Form W-2?

    The W2 tax form is a form filed by an employer for an employee to tell the IRS how much he paid the employee that year, how much the he withheld from the employee’s salary and remitted to the government for income, social security or Medicare taxes and contributions that year.

    It’s the employer’s job to create and file W2 tax forms. He is also required to give one to every employee, who will then use it for their own tax.

  • Who needs a W-2 tax from?

    Employees whose employers withheld some amount from their salary for tax purposes need a copy of their W2 forms as filed by their employers. They will need to attach it to their own tax returns when they file them.

    Employers, need to make and file one W2 for every employee they paid more than $600 or its equivalent or from whose salaries they have withheld amounts for taxes.

  • Are there any deadlines for W-2?

    Yes, W2 tax forms should be filed, online or physically on or before the 31st of January of the year after the close of every tax year. The deadline for giving your employees a copy of their W2 as you have filed them is also January 31st.

  • What are the main things that go on a Form W-2?

    The W-2 tax form, mainly contains details to identify the employer and the employee, of how much that employer paid the employee, and how much tax it has withheld from that employee’s salary.

  • How do I create a W-2?

    Companies with over 250 employees are required to file W-2s electronically, small business employers can still download and print blank copies of Form W-2 directly from the IRS website. A copy of the Form W-2 can be filled out by hand in accordance to IRS instructions and submitted by mail.

    To make this job easier, we have created our Form Pros W-2 generator that auto-fill Form W-2 template based on a simple questionnaire with detailed instructions. No PDF editing software required, just answer a few simple questions about employer and employee, then Download, Print and Mail all required copies.

  • Can I create a W-2 online?

    Yes, you can create a W-2 form for your employees online. Our W-2 generator is perfect for this, as we’ll guide you through the steps to make sure you don’t miss anything. After answering a few questions, you’ll only need to download, print and file filled copy of the form by mail. Consult IRS website if you want to file Form W-2 electronically.

  • Where can I get a copy of my W-2?

    You can get it from your employer who is actually required to give you a copies every year to be filed with your Federal and State tax return, as well as a copy for your personal record keeping. Sometimes employers have payroll providers. If your employer has one and is unable to give you a copy of your W-2, the payroll provider might.

  • Can you get another W-2 if you lost it?

    Yes, you can get another W2 if you lost it - simply ask your employer for another copy. The employer is required to provide it to you. If you your employer fails to give you one and it’s past January 31st, you can ask IRS for help in compelling your employer to do so. You can also get copies of older W-2 tax forms you submitted with your tax return for previous years from the IRS website.

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