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Commercial Lease Agreement

A commercial lease agreement is the legally binding document that lays out the terms under which a business can occupy the landlord's property and conduct business there. The document contains basic information about the property and details the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

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Commercial Sublease Agreement

A sublease is a legally binding contract made between the tenant and a subtenant, or sublessee, granting them use of part or all of your commercial property. The subtenant pays rent to the tenant rather than directly to the landlord. And the landlord holds the tenant, not the subtenant, responsible for rent and property damage. Tenants normally must get permission from the landlord before they can sublet a commercial property.

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Contract For Deed

A contract for deed, also known as a land contract, or bond for deed, is a document allowing a seller to finance the sale of their own property. Typically, the buyer agrees to pay for the property in monthly installments and takes immediate possession of the property. The buyer has the right to occupancy and, in some states, the right to claim the homeowner exemption on their property taxes. The seller, meanwhile, retains the legal title to the property until all the payments have been successfully made.

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Deed Of Trust

A Deed of Trust is an agreement between a lender and borrower to place the legal title of the property being sold in the hands of a neutral third party who acts as trustee until the borrower's debt is completely paid off.

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Eviction Notice

An eviction notice, or a notice to quit or notice to vacate, is a letter notifying your tenants that they have a certain amount of time to vacate the premises. A landlord cannot simply issue an eviction notice because they don't like the tenants. They must have failed to pay rent, violated the terms of the lease, caused property damage, broken local ordinances, or created health or safety violations on the property.

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Free Rental Agreement

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Landlord's Consent to Sublet

The Landlord's Consent to Sublet is a written permission for tenant to sublease entire or part(s) of property. The document can specify who is responsible for damages created by the subtenant, indicate whether the premises can be even further sublet, and requires the subtenant to provide financial information to the landlord at their request.

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Letter of Intent

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Month-To-Month Lease Agreement

Although the standard lease is for a year, landlords and tenants who want flexibility can enter a rental agreement that is renewable each month. For the renter, there is no concern about paying a penalty to break the lease early. The landlord, on the other hand, has the option to terminate the lease at any time once they have given a 30-day notice to their tenant.

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Quitclaim Deed

The quitclaim deed is a written document used to transfer the interest, or ownership, in a real estate property from one party (the grantor) to another (the grantee). Quitclaims are the simplest form of property deed. You typically use a quitclaim deed when the other party is a family member or a business partner - i.e., when the grantee is a close associate.

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Residential Lease Agreement

Also known as a house lease agreement, or a residential rental contract, a residential lease agreement is a written agreement between a tenant and the landlord, laying out the terms under which a tenant can occupy property owned by the landlord. Document should include a description of the property. This legal contract also establishes the terms of the lease, including the date when the tenant will assume occupancy, the amount of rent and how it will be paid, and the length of occupancy.

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Residential Sublease Agreement

A sublease agreement is a contract between the original tenant of a rental property, also known as a sublandlord, and a subtenant who agrees to occupy part or all of the property for a set period of time — though not longer than the terms of the original lease. A sublease does not invalidate the terms of the original lease; the tenant must still meet the obligations set forth in that document.

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Warranty Deed

Warranty deeds are legal documents used to indicate that real estate property has passed from the hands of one person (the grantor) to another (the grantee). A warranty deed should not be confused with a quitclaim deed, even though both indicate the transfer of property. A warranty deed provides a greater degree of protection to the grantee because it pledges that the grantee owns the property free and clear, without liens, mortgages, or other impediments to ownership.

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